• Charlie Cubillas


Updated: Oct 14, 2020

We're excited to announce our new site - it's purpose is simple, it is here to help you:

Stay tuned to future events

We're hosting 1 webinar per-quarter for each industry we cover. We're focusing initially in the supply chain industry, but then we will be looking at the

Determine quickly if we are of any use to you

We offer information on a variety of A.I. related topics through our webinars, blogs, and our consulting practice.

We also resell a variety of products which we compliment with optional added-services such as outsourced technical implementation, support, documentation, and management, among many things.

Thanks to our talent network, we also offer the talent that'll help you care for your project either internally or externally, and to top it all off we also offer discounts!

Connect and engage with us openly

This should be easier than ever with our new site - our chat, our forms and blog are here to serve this purpose.

We're expecting our new "direct-approach" makes it easier for customers, clients and the simple curious mind to answer questions regarding Artificial Intelligence; the technology and the people in the US that are making a difference in their industry.

Stay tuned, join us and follow us!

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