• Charlie Cubillas

Cre8 A.I. - A New Approach

Through the pandemic our firm has transitioned from:

a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Consulting firm, offering primarily fraud analysis as a service, supporting the manual review queue of one of the most advanced e-commerce fraud prevention A.I. engines in the market;


a company that shares A.I. data, talent and technology with it's community members through events, content and old-fashioned (minus the handshake) introductions.

We are here to help you Cre8 using A.I. and this year we will be hosting a webinar focusing on Warehouses and Distribution Centers and the A.I. tech that has emerged in that space recently.

Join us as we also discuss technology that has been recently released to help you prepare against hackers, and yes, prepare against Covid-19.

We will be hosting members of these companies and sharing with you an inside view and a way to save in case you decide to proceed.

Join us - We look forward to meeting you!

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