• Charlie Cubillas

New partnership!

Updated: Apr 16

We are happy to announce our new agreement with the creators of Feverwarn - the first A.I.-powered, Cloud-enabled, FDA-approved, US-Made fever scanner; MachineSense.

Besides being the most accurate solution available, it is a self-serving option that eliminates privacy concerns, and false-negatives/late-positive concern.

It integrates well, using its API, and the latest in I.o.T Technology, it collects data 24/7, connects to WiFi, our cloud, and the Feverwarn App. 

It can send e-mails, SMS messages, sound an alarm, and pretty much stop at the door Covid-19. It is the only "truly smart" solution available today.

We are excited to be authorized resellers of this product, because we believe it'll help our clients, and it'll help things go back to normal.

See the video below, and join us on the 19th as we explore how this machine can help warehouses and distribution centers leave covid behind.

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